My first award

I was very happy.. because finally i got first award from shadux's and Arsitek Vernakular,, hiks hiks...

thanks my friend..
and i also want to give this award to my friends, please receive :)

this award sign "a Friendship"... so i hope with this our communication never ending. (Hiks....hiks....)

how to take this award?

1. make the same post like what i made (like this)
2. Add my link (the one who give this award) into your site
3. Please follow my blog first.
4. copy picture above and paste to your new post (like this)

they are:

1. Dramalicious
2. Tips aneka macam aneh dan others
3. mbah cyber
4. Ancis Ama
5. Morika
6. Cyntia Site
7. Link Bucks (dany)
8. Kang Dwi
9. Giri Blog
10. Untrendy Monkeys