Identifying the Brain Injury Symptoms

Any kind of swelling on the head can lead to serious brain injury. If you experience any uncertain things in your body then you should think seriously and need to consult a doctor to get balanced condition of your body back. Hence, it is very important to identify the brain injury symptoms to avoid major health problems.

· A head injury can include loss of vision or hearing, muscle cramps, paralysis. It also result in behavioural issues like variation in the mood, depression etc.

· You should be aware of the symptom’s stages. If you fall or met with an accident you might not feel the impact of injury, but later the tissues will start swelling and you may get pressure on the brain that causes additional harm to the brain.

· Many times children may have headaches or frequent vomiting. They cannot realize these symptoms even sometimes parents may ignore which may cause serious damages to the brain.

· Even if you have small bump on your head or frequent headaches, it is good to consult a doctor. In case of children you must pay attention and take them to the doctor immediately. If the injury is serious then immediately take medical treatment without any delay.

· Observe the symptoms of brain injury. If a person is injured some will be clear such as broken bone in the scalp, swelling of head. Then those need to take to the hospitals immediately for immediate action.

· If you find any person with a deep wound on head then don’t wash it, if anything is stick to it then don’t remove. Call the ambulance or immediately hospitalize the person.