Facts About Liposuction

If you are having a hard time in fighting with your bulge, you may be the right candidate for

Liposuction surgery. By taking out the unwanted fat, liposuction definitely enhances the appearance of your body and softens deformed and irregular body shapes. Liposuction is safe in majority of the cases. It should not be misunderstood with weight loss method, because it is not one of those weight loss methods.

The facts about Liposuction

Liposuction procedure was introduced in 1979 and since then it has changed a lot. Surgeries for far and skin removal like tummy tuck were carried out in the past, these are riskier than liposuction alone. You should understand the liposuction procedure and risks involved in it before undergoing the surgery, you should feel secure in your knowledge about the procedure.

Liposuction procedure shrinks the skin and gives good shape to lower abdomen, if the procedure is properly done, but this depends on a surgeon. You should look for an experienced surgeon when you make decision to undergo liposuction. If you are a person of normal weight with firm, elastic skin and have pockets of excess fat in some areas, then you are the perfect person for liposuction.

If you had a large volume liposuction more than 5 liters then you should remain in the hospital overnight for the purpose of safety and observation. A cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist or a plastic surgeon will perform the liposuction usually. The procedure of liposuction may include more than one area, such as abdomen, back and thighs all on the same day.


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