Hosting Multiple websites under single account

If you happen to operate multiple websites, each assigned with a unique domain name, then signing up for multiple hosting accounts would not be an economically viable hosting solution. While many hosting providers do offer the add-domain features, they would in all probability charge an additional monthly fee towards every added domain, which could turn out to be an expensive proposition.

A cost-effective alternative would be to sign-up for a reseller hosting account. While buying a reseller account is seemingly more expensive as compared to the regular hosting packages, this type of account allows the reseller to host multiple domains under a single hosting account as well as allows the user to resell the hosting services at a higher price and thereby earn profits. For many users, this hosting package is more cost-effective especially if they wish to host multiple domain names under a single account. It is important to follow a few basic guidelines before signing up for a reseller hosting package:

1. The reseller account should allow the reseller to be able to host unlimited domain names under a single reseller hosting account.

2. A reseller hosting plan should ideally be flexible enough to allow an easy plan upgrade without any kind of fee or penalties.

3. A reseller account that allows free web hosting for the reseller's main website would be a perfect fit. It is also important to evaluate your bandwidth and storage space requirements prior to selecting your reseller hosting package. Ascertain the number of websites you would want to host, the number of web pages on each website as well as the amount of traffic these websites are likely to receive. Once you reach a certain figure, you would be in a better stead to select a reseller package that suits your requirements as well as gives you room to earn money by reselling the hosting services to users worldwide. So you can either host multiple websites under a single hosting account or host your main website for free (if offered by the host) and reserve the rest of the space and bandwidth for your customers. This way, the reseller has two options to consider when he selects a reseller hosting account.

4. There are reseller accounts that start at as low as $10 per month. This price tag can however go up to hundreds of dollars per month. Here it becomes important to take the quality and reliability of the hosting company into consideration rather than just randomly select a hosting account just because of its dearth cheap pricing structures.


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