RI-Malingsia Bridge…. The World's Longest Bridge will be…!!

May be some of you already know about this. Relationship between Indonesia and Malingsia is not good today but both Indonesian and Malingsian governments plan to build a bridge which is going to link their countries. just for info you should go here : Jual Beli Paypal

This bridge will connect Malacca (Malingsia) and Dumai (Sumatera).

Surely this project will impact to profit both countries and also can faster social economic development between Indonesia and Malingsia.

but first you must read this :
Jual VCC hope this will help you.

According to Najib statement (Malaysian Prime Minister) this bridge will cost at least $11 billion or Rp6 trillion.

For now both countries are looking for some foreign investors to donate this project.


Name : RI-Malingsia Bridge
Length : 52 km
Contributor : In process
Place : Malacca strait
Connect : Malacca (Malingsia) to Rupat Island (Sumatera) to Dumai (Sumatera)
Cost : $11 million = Rp. 6 trillion

Should RI accept this project against Malingsia????

Will this bridge claimed one-side further by Malingsia????


Burj Al Meel, Jeddah Super tall Skyscraper

Actually I really impressed if one talk about “the world tallest building”. Former we discussed Jakarta Tower, Indonesian next prestige and now we are discussing Burj Al Meel which will be the tallest building ever happened in the world.

Might be this building is constructed to keep esteem against Arab countries.
I can say that because presently almost all Arab countries tried to build their own tallest building. There are two buildings existed today, they are Mubarak tower (1001 m) in Kuwait and Burj Dubai(818 m) in UAE.

Perhaps development of Burj Al meel was based on the “prestige” against Arab countries.

This building named Burj Al Meel which signifies -1 mil high- building (1600 m). So, like the name, this building is going to be built by 1 mil upwards.

This project was donated by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud of Kingdom Holding Co, from Saudi Arabia. It cost US$10 Billion.

Some uniqueness of this building are about temperature and “quake” problems will be faced further. Feasibility, the top will be baking during the day, and freezing at night. Gust can make people inside building fell “seasick”.

Another problem arising is transportation. I think developer should consider the most suitable transportation to be used from basement to the top and reverse.
This is summary information about this super skyscraper:

Name : Burj Al Meel
Developer : Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud of Kingdom Holding Co
Place : Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Height : 1 mil (1600 meters)
Budget : US$ 10 Billion
Problems : Temperature, wind’s blowing/gust, transportation.



My lecturer said only money can make us happy. Without money one can’t be happy,
Can you see children reap rubbish in a dust bin? Do you think that poor people will be happy in that condition?
I am sure they were not got education well!
They can’t buy what they want, even for survive they can’t. Let’s think if you are a rich man, you have much money so that you will educate well, something that you want will be real soon.
So, which one are happier? The man without money or the man who gone around with much money? just for info you should go here : Jual Beli Paypal

I think most of you will have the same perspective with my lecturer. Actually, money is one of many factors that can measure happiness. Without money may be you are nothing! Nobody want to care about you, people will see you by one eye side. But it is not the only factor that can measure that.

There are several factors can measure the happiness beside money, such as family and health.

For me they are the most important factors can measure happiness. In advanced I already talked about poor people with no education work in the dump bin. In our eyes we can say they are not happy.

But possibly they are the happiest people in this world. Who knows?

Someone that you thought happy with much money might be the unhappiest person in the world. For instance, he has much money so he can buy every tasty food he wants.
Yet, he is not healthy well, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many diseases gather in his body. Ultimately he can’t receive those tasty foods.
He just consumes soybean curds (tahu) and fermented soy cake (tempe).

What a pitiful guyz!

Another example, he (those who have much money) lives with one wife and 3 children. His wife is a very finicky woman, she always requests a very expensive and up to date jewelry every week. If he can’t fulfill what she wants then they fight inside home. And it will occur every week. Do you think he can happy?

Again, what a pitiful guyz!

So I think money can not measure happiness at all.

What do you think try this Forex Indicator?


What Exactly “Indon” means?

I heard from my friend in Indonesia that “indon” (citation in Malaysia) is a humiliate title for Indonesian.

He said basically that citation is used for TKI (Indonesian Household Servant), means that it sounds insulting our nation.

Truly, before I went to Malaysia I also angry if Malaysian calls Indonesian as “indon”, because in my mind it has a negative meaning albeit I didn’t know what the reason was.

Later on when I was in Malaysia, I did an observations to find out why Malaysian say indon to Indonesian. And now from my observations I know that indon is just an easy citation for Indonesia. Moreover Malaysian calls me (with Indon) smile and friendly.

Despite some Malaysian said indon is for underestimated Indonesian.

So in this case, I conclude that about 20% Malaysian they say indon for underestimated Indonesian whereby the rest (80%) say indon because it is just an easy way to denominate Indonesian.

For example: some people say “nigger” to all African, not intends to underestimate but it just a nickname.

Actually, Indonesian it self call Dutch with “londo” (Negative meaning), and call Malaysian with Malay, Orang Melayu or Malingsia.

In fact, Malaysian disfavor to those citations (based on my observations)as Londo.

Those examples are just for analogy.

Then now I need your opinion. Does the word “Indon” proper to indicate Indonesian? Whereas Indonesian it self do the same thing to the other nations.

I state here, if the word Indon has a negative meaning to me/us as an Indonesian, why many Indonesian in Malaysia feel fine with that citation? Are they frightened because they are just a minor here? Or have they already realized that term indon is just an easy way to call Indonesian?

I don’t know.

Finally I say. For me it doesn’t matter for any other nations in this world call me as Indon or whatever, if only it is not accompanied with humiliating.



This is for you all UUM students who take UL 2023.

In order to help you study, I already uploaded all notes in my blog.
you can download notes/ slides of Business Law (UL 2023) here.

Study hard!!!!












if you want to have sections summary please clik link below:


regrads Prof.AbuBakar



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Until today, I don’t know why many countries having races to build tallest building or tower. Formerly, we knew WTC (World Trade Center) which finally attacked by someone insane, haha..

After it collapse, Twin Tower in Malaysia (usually called Petronas) became the world’s tallest building.

But it was not long live exist. Some year after Taiwan build Taipe 101, which at that time became “the new” tallest building in the world.

And then it has been continued until now. County will feel very proud of having own tallest building, may be 10 years later earth will become very high, so airplane can’t fly anymore, hahahahaha…

In Indonesia it self, the government try to establish their pride in the ASEAN’s perspective. Because of that they were planning to build Jakarta Tower.

Actually this tower had been designed many years ago before Asian Crisis in 1997, on the regime of President Soeharto. On that day, Indonesian economics very bad, level of poverty increase sharply, riot every day, those conditions cause pending of Jakarta Tower's development.

Then after Asian Crisis lapse, government sound to continue this project.

Jakarta Tower will be build in area kemayoran, Central Jakarta. (Now is being build)
there will be hotels, Mall, spin Restaurant, digital museum, etc inside.

For Information, this tower's height 558.0 meters.
This is taller that Twin Tower or KL Tower in Malaysia.

it will surpass 3 tallest tower before.

see this picture:


This project valued about $400 million.


Go.. Indonesia..!!!


Universitas Jendral Soedirman (UNSOED)


Unsoed is my beloved University.

It was my first university in faculty of economic.
This University is located in Purwokerto, Banyumas Central Java. The center of this campus is placed on jln. H.R Boenyamin.

Pictures below is the front view of the campus.

There are several faculties offered in this university, they are:


Universitas Jendral Soedirman is one of the best universities in Indonesia.
Average colleges there accredited A and B.

UNSOED also has international program for those have plan to go abroad.

International Program Available:

a. International Management
b. International Accounting
c. International Economics growth study


Those programs recently linked to university in Malaysia, UUM (University Utara Malaysia).
The dean of Faculty of Economics intends to do an approach to University in Thailand and Australia.

Hopefully, this program will run successfully so that this university can compete in the international stages, especially ASEAN region.

*In addition, if you study in UNSOED absolutely your money will be saved because live cost in Purwokerto is very cheap.

Eat Nasi plus Chicken you only spend about Rp. 3000.

May be if you buy the same categorical food in the big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya it will cost about Rp.6000-Rp.7000

Location of Universitas Jendral Soedirman is in the sloping line of Mt. Slamet which is the second tallest mount in Java and the Biggest Mount in Java.

Proud Become Unsoed Students.



From the first day I’ve been here (in Malaysia) to continue my study, I found many barriers. Any of them is English.

Yes I see, I’ve decided to go abroad so lieu I have to learn English. Huhh..
Honestly, I am not very fluent to speak English, my grammar also very bad in compare to other students.

So, to solve this problem I have to think twice, first I think about the subject I’ve taken and second think about English. This is not a very easy thing to do. I heard many students from Indonesia here failed because they can’t follow what was lecturer teach.

I wish I am not one of them.

I knew in order to communicate with people in an international stage we must speak English.

The problem is, why English?
Why don’t all people in the world speak Bahasa Indonesia?

In bahasa Indonesia everything spell clearly.
For example, a b c d.
In English grammar those words are spell ei, bi, ci, di..
Sunday is pronounced Sandey (Indonesian grammatical), is it not clear, is it?

Ok we take other comparison.

Guten Morgen (means Good Morning) in Germany is read clearly guten morgen. May be if we translate into English it could be pronounced Gaten morgen.

Am I right?

That’s why people don’t like to learn English (although many like). Possibly, this world choice English as their language because of it’s colony all over the world. Many Common Wealth countries mean British empires spread in this world.
Huh.. I am not intends to discredit English.

What ever the reason, I must learn English!!

Help me, please…….



Anybody know what double degree program is?

May be there is some of you still don’t know yet about this term.
I have been involved to this program until now.

Actually, based on the name “Double Degree Program” this is a program offered to international students to get their “second” degree but this is not a level up from your first degree. You will get your degree double at the same level.

Ok for instance, Budi is an undergraduate student from UK, afterward he joins his University’s program with University in Indonesia to do Double degree. After he graduates from those Universities he will get a Bachelor and S1 (Sarjana) degrees as feedback.
That’s why it called a Double Degree Program.


Based on my experience, Double Degree program is one of many ways from universities to expand their wings abroad. As we know, this is a globalization era where everything should be very global. So, in this era people having races to do everything globally. Including Universities.

With this program, Universities can increase or add their “value” in eyes of society. So that parents will school their beloved son or daughter in those universities.


Double degree program is a program offered to get a “second” degree with the same level. Meaning that, you can reach two degrees one time in different place overseas.

People thought students will be very long to finish their first degree because we have to study in two places differently.

Yes almost true, but still not get yet.

It is true that students must finished their undergraduate in two places differently but it doesn’t mean spend much time.

Because, double degree means you finish half semester in one university and half semester in another university. In other way the time will you finish off is about 3 or 4 years. Same with only “one degree”, right?


List of advantages:

• Increase experience
• Get double degree
• Having international friends
• A lot of connection abroad will be
• Strong our English
• Prouder
• Get a girl or boy overseas
• Do business overseas
• Sometime we are profited by Currency
• And so forth.

List of Disadvantages:

• Far from family
• Costly sometime
• Can’t adapt with local place culture
• Face different habitual
• No more native language (if communicate with students from different country)
• Troublesome
• Different style of teaching
• Etc.


This program is different from exchange program for sure. Exchange program is also one of university’s ways to expand their wings broadly.

Exchange program is a program which is done by only one semester (sometimes more) after that come back home with only got a certificate and useful experiences.
However, if students do double degree they can reach more advantages and also disadvantages than do exchange. I am not to plan to declare that exchange program is not good.
Do exchange is good also but it depends on the people.

Sometimes there is student who doesn’t feel like to stay away from their parents for long time, so they decide to choose exchange program. Or sometimes there is student who doesn’t care about that problem because he/she think of the advantages offered, so they prefer Double degree.
It’s fine.


I had friend from local, she told me:

“Why can you easily took paper 3000 without through paper 1000 and 2000 (basic paper)? That’s not fair!”


What do you think? Did you think the same?

Nothing’s not fair bro!

Everything is fine.

Because we (double degree students) have already took basic paper in our former universities. As I mentioned in advanced, double degree program is done by a half semester in one university vice versa.
So we already through half or more semester in our former university while in our “new” university we just continue our study in order to get double degree.

So, which part isn’t fair? hehe..