Anybody know what double degree program is?

May be there is some of you still don’t know yet about this term.
I have been involved to this program until now.

Actually, based on the name “Double Degree Program” this is a program offered to international students to get their “second” degree but this is not a level up from your first degree. You will get your degree double at the same level.

Ok for instance, Budi is an undergraduate student from UK, afterward he joins his University’s program with University in Indonesia to do Double degree. After he graduates from those Universities he will get a Bachelor and S1 (Sarjana) degrees as feedback.
That’s why it called a Double Degree Program.


Based on my experience, Double Degree program is one of many ways from universities to expand their wings abroad. As we know, this is a globalization era where everything should be very global. So, in this era people having races to do everything globally. Including Universities.

With this program, Universities can increase or add their “value” in eyes of society. So that parents will school their beloved son or daughter in those universities.


Double degree program is a program offered to get a “second” degree with the same level. Meaning that, you can reach two degrees one time in different place overseas.

People thought students will be very long to finish their first degree because we have to study in two places differently.

Yes almost true, but still not get yet.

It is true that students must finished their undergraduate in two places differently but it doesn’t mean spend much time.

Because, double degree means you finish half semester in one university and half semester in another university. In other way the time will you finish off is about 3 or 4 years. Same with only “one degree”, right?


List of advantages:

• Increase experience
• Get double degree
• Having international friends
• A lot of connection abroad will be
• Strong our English
• Prouder
• Get a girl or boy overseas
• Do business overseas
• Sometime we are profited by Currency
• And so forth.

List of Disadvantages:

• Far from family
• Costly sometime
• Can’t adapt with local place culture
• Face different habitual
• No more native language (if communicate with students from different country)
• Troublesome
• Different style of teaching
• Etc.


This program is different from exchange program for sure. Exchange program is also one of university’s ways to expand their wings broadly.

Exchange program is a program which is done by only one semester (sometimes more) after that come back home with only got a certificate and useful experiences.
However, if students do double degree they can reach more advantages and also disadvantages than do exchange. I am not to plan to declare that exchange program is not good.
Do exchange is good also but it depends on the people.

Sometimes there is student who doesn’t feel like to stay away from their parents for long time, so they decide to choose exchange program. Or sometimes there is student who doesn’t care about that problem because he/she think of the advantages offered, so they prefer Double degree.
It’s fine.


I had friend from local, she told me:

“Why can you easily took paper 3000 without through paper 1000 and 2000 (basic paper)? That’s not fair!”


What do you think? Did you think the same?

Nothing’s not fair bro!

Everything is fine.

Because we (double degree students) have already took basic paper in our former universities. As I mentioned in advanced, double degree program is done by a half semester in one university vice versa.
So we already through half or more semester in our former university while in our “new” university we just continue our study in order to get double degree.

So, which part isn’t fair? hehe..


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