From the first day I’ve been here (in Malaysia) to continue my study, I found many barriers. Any of them is English.

Yes I see, I’ve decided to go abroad so lieu I have to learn English. Huhh..
Honestly, I am not very fluent to speak English, my grammar also very bad in compare to other students.

So, to solve this problem I have to think twice, first I think about the subject I’ve taken and second think about English. This is not a very easy thing to do. I heard many students from Indonesia here failed because they can’t follow what was lecturer teach.

I wish I am not one of them.

I knew in order to communicate with people in an international stage we must speak English.

The problem is, why English?
Why don’t all people in the world speak Bahasa Indonesia?

In bahasa Indonesia everything spell clearly.
For example, a b c d.
In English grammar those words are spell ei, bi, ci, di..
Sunday is pronounced Sandey (Indonesian grammatical), is it not clear, is it?

Ok we take other comparison.

Guten Morgen (means Good Morning) in Germany is read clearly guten morgen. May be if we translate into English it could be pronounced Gaten morgen.

Am I right?

That’s why people don’t like to learn English (although many like). Possibly, this world choice English as their language because of it’s colony all over the world. Many Common Wealth countries mean British empires spread in this world.
Huh.. I am not intends to discredit English.

What ever the reason, I must learn English!!

Help me, please…….


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